About MindVision

Our team has a robust combination of experience in information and communications technology (ICT) implementation and advisory across the public and private sector and with both small and large organisations here in Trinidad and Tobago. Our experience allows us to provide our clients with unique perspectives in achieving both technology and business value from their information systems investments. We have a particular interest in small- and medium-sized enterprises who would like to more effectively leverage their information systems assets to improve business efficiency. We aim to establish long-term and stable relationships with our clients to help them understand their information systems, solve problems and develop solutions. 


Andrew De Freitas, Managing Director

Andrew is an information technology specialist and expert with a wealth of experience in delivering hardware, networking and security solutions to clients ranging from individuals to organisations in the private and public sector. He has a solid understanding of the value that a robust and dependable information technology infrastructure provides to an organisation. He constantly monitors trends, technologies and advances in hardware, networking, internet security and operational software in order to provide his clients with the most appropriate and cost effective solutions and recommendations. Andrew’s experience and knowledge enables him to ensure that his clients’ questions and problems are resolved quickly, thoroughly and reliably.